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"Not just a club." This is Barcelona's motto.


Indeed, as perhaps the most politically charged football club in the world,


When football involves politics, the result is obviously not a good thing. Chinese fans must


At the turn of the century, Barcelona’s “dictatorship chairman” Nunez left his post, and Gasparte, who had served as the vice chairman for 22 years, officially became the club’s leader.


After his conversion, Gasparte reversed his predecessor’s arbitrary ruling style and began to promote the so-called "democracy."


In three years, Barcelona changed four coaches: Ferrer, Rexach, Van Gaal, Antiqi, each of whom was sadly dismissed later.


In three years, Barcelona spent hundreds of millions to introduce 16 valuable players, all of whom were later reduced to parallel imports, without exception.


For three years, Barcelona did not have any trophies, and the league rankings were 4, 4, 6, and even once hovered near the relegation zone.


During Gasparte's tenure, Barcelona fell into an endless loop of buying → parallel imports → poor performance → coaching → buying again → parallel imports → worse results → changing coaches again.


In 2003, Gasparte finally resigned amidst the verbal criticism from the outside world, leaving behind a mess of 230 million debts and a bottomless performance.


After Gasparte stepped down, Barcelona's most successful and only reliable chairman of the 21st century, Laporta, took office.


Invite Rijkaard to introduce Ronaldinho to start the era of Dream II, promote Guardiola to help Messi and establish the Dream III dynasty. Under Laporta, Barcelona has transformed from a desperate and unhappy man into Europe again. overlord. The sixth crown in 2009 was the most glorious moment in Barcelona's 121-year history.

邀请里杰卡尔德(Rijkaard)介绍罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho),以开启梦想II时代,促进瓜迪奥拉帮助梅西并建立梦想III朝代。在拉波特塔(Laporta)统治下,巴塞罗那再次从一个绝望而又不幸的人转变为欧洲。霸王。 2009年第六冠是巴塞罗那121年历史上最辉煌的时刻。

In 2010, Laporta served as


Seven years ago, Russell was Laporta's most powerful assistant, who brought Ronaldinho to the Nou Camp. However, the two who had been close to each other later turned into enemies due to power disputes. This time around,

七年前,拉塞尔(Russell)是拉波特塔(Laporta)最强大的助手,他将小罗(Ronaldinho)带到了诺坎普(Nou Camp)。然而,由于权力纠纷,两个彼此接近的人后来变成了敌人。这阵子,

Soon after taking office, Roselle deprived Cruyff of the honorary chairmanship granted by Laporta before leaving office, forcing the latter to angrily return the chairman badge.


Without Cruyff, there would be no past, present and future of Barcelona.


Immediately afterwards, Roselle publicly declared that the club was in a financial deficit, and used this as an excuse to manipulate members to attack political opponent Laporta and his staff, who was therefore jailed. In contrast, ignoring Guardiola’s wishes


In 2011, Barcelona’s shirt chest advertisement changed from UNICEF to Qatar Airways.


In the fiercest years of the struggle between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Guardiola alone faced the indiscriminate bombardment of the Madrid media and Mourinho's extraterrestrial moves.


-Ignore reports that slander Barcelona players taking banned drugs, coaches are gay, etc., before the Copa del Rey final, the rhetoric of 5-0 victory over Real Madrid and being beaten in the face are all Roselle's "masterpieces".


In 2012, Pep Guardiola, who was exhausted from internal and external difficulties, announced his departure. Not only did Roselle not do any retention, but instead claimed that he "has done his best." It is unknown that Vilanova, the assistant coach who took over the coaching position of Barcelona, ​​had a suspicion with his long-time friend Guardiola until the former passed away.

在2012年,因内忧外患而精疲力竭的Pep Guardiola宣布离职。 Roselle不仅没有保留任何意见,反而声称他“已尽力而为”。接替巴塞罗那教练职位的助理教练维拉诺娃与他的长期朋友瓜迪奥拉一直怀疑,直到前者去世为止。

In 2013, Russell brought Neymar to the Nou Camp. This deal not only broke the team's salary structure, but also caught Barcelona into years of lawsuits.

2013年,罗素(Russell)将内马尔(Neymar)带到了诺坎普(Nou Camp)。这笔交易不仅打破了球队的薪资结构,而且使巴塞罗那陷入了数年的诉讼。

1. Inexplicably launch a poll, claiming that "2% of Barcelona fans do not like Messi."

1.莫名其妙地发起一项民意测验,声称“ 2%的巴塞罗那球迷不喜欢梅西。”

2. Publicly claim: "Messi should get the world's first annual salary, and the door of my office is always open to him."


3. Vice Chairman Faus immediately jumped out and said: “I don’t understand why Messi’s contract is renewed every six months.”


You must know that Messi, who has a restrained personality, rarely speaks publicly. Compared to the controversy in the media, he is more willing to use his performance on the field to fight back, but this does not mean that he can't speak: "Mr. Faus knows nothing about football. Barcelona is the best club in the world and needs better people to manage it. My family and I have never asked for a salary increase."


When Messi gets deep


In addition, Russell also reduced the club’s expenses wildly: grassroots layoffs, renting out Camp Nou, selling team buses, disbanding multiple sports teams... In order to save money, he even ordered office printers to ban color printing and the team played away games. Must arrive on the same day to save hotel accommodation costs.


Roselle claimed more than once that he "saved Barcelona from the brink of bankruptcy", but the fact is that in 2014 he was accused of tax fraud and resigned, and was later imprisoned for the Neymar transfer case.


As early as 2013, Bartomeu, then Barça’s vice chairman, publicly stated that “Messi’s injury is a good thing for Barcelona.”


After succeeding Russell as the club’s number one player, Bartomeu officially began his “performance”-contacting Coutinho in violation of regulations offended Liverpool, inducing Dembele to strike off training and offending Dortmund, intercepting Hu Malcolm Offending Rome, digging Griezmann to offend Atletico, and surrendering Asensio to Real Madrid for the difference of millions, can also spend a lot of money for Douglas and his like...



In 2017,


Over the years, the most important thing the Barcelona executives have done is to throw the pot.


To criticize Harvey is the original sin of Barcelona's youth training, the Super Bowl defeat was named and criticized Pique, and then this year the mercenaries that broke out to discredit their own players.


After the plan to split the locker room went bankrupt, Bartomeu went out again


Seeing that nothing can be done, Bartomeu once again released a big move-the mercenary navy attacked those "unwilling to overcome difficulties with the club" players on social media, and directed the spearhead at Messi.


Earlier this year, technical director Abidal publicly pushed the reason for the head coach's dismissal to the locker room. Faced with the remarks made by his former teammates, Messi as the captain replied angrily: "Everyone must be responsible for their actions. When you mention a player, you should say his name, otherwise it would be an insult to us. Everyone!"


Obviously, Abidal represents more than just his personal views, his position determines his position-the French are only being used as guns by the top.


When he was angry with Faus in 2013, Messi was already on the verge of leaving the team, and this open fight back against Abidal paved the way for his current decision.


What have the top leaders of Barcelona doing this year?


Ignoring the current coach’s high-profile search for a successor, he suddenly fired Valverde’s player at the top of the league rankings. After the UEFA Champions League defeat by Bayern, he immediately fired Setien’s coach and told the team history’s third striker Suarez without any respect. people. Finally, Messi who shocked the world


Messi's decision proved that he was fed up with being used as a shield from the top. He did not have and never had that much power.


Pique once said:


2-8, nursing homes, people are stupid and have a lot of money, 200 million on the bench, 100 million on the opposite side,


This is not the first time Barcelona has experienced a trough.


What will the future of Barcelona be like...